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Current Developments, Summer 2018

Monday, 30 October 2017

[Karl F Tullah, Nadim Bakhshov] EdD Notes, Vol 1 Karl: Can we try and pull together material for this first reflective essay. It’s only 2000 words, so not very long. Nadim: Okay. I agree. Let’s pull together some structure and… continue reading »

a descriptive ontology?

29 Sept 2017

[Karl F Tullah, Nadim Bakhshov] Karl: Welcome back to the show. Nadim returns this week to review some of the developments and ideas of this last week. Can we start with this simple question: what is the ontological axiom you… continue reading »

metaphysical effluence, generation of semiotic noise

Initial Conversation, 22 Sept 2017

Who are you as a doctoral research and/or who do you hope to be as a doctoral researcher? [Karl F Tullah, Nadim Bakhshov] Karl: Hi, and welcome back to the show. In this next section, we interview Nadim Bakhshov and… continue reading »

The Onto-Ethical Formulae

Ricoeur’s conflict of interpretations defined

Lacanian ‘desire’ re-imagined

Hume’s challenge articulated and resolved

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