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Zombies – A Cultural History

Review of Roger Luckhurst, Zombies: A Cultural History (Reaktion Books, 2015)

Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile – Continuum, 2016

What is music? And how can it reveal something of the ontological dynamics of existence? Music, like language, is common to all human beings and for some, it is an essential part of what it means to be a human… continue reading »

New Books Network Interview

Nadim Bakhshov joins the New Books Network to discuss his book Against Capitalist Education: What is Education for? (Zero Books, 2015). The book posits new alternatives to educational thought and philosophy through an innovated, yet classic, style… Read More

Second Discussion with ‘Thinking Thomas’

For more see Thinking Thomas YouTube Channel This discussion came a lot closer to touching the vast philosophical edifice underlying my work. It is enormously difficult to impress upon the listener what price I pay for this originality. THanks to… continue reading »

Dutilleux, Metaboles, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

DUTILLEUX’S Métaboles – Francois Xavier Roth from Göteborgs Symfoniker on Vimeo. In the film ‘Brainstorm’ there are two profoundly spiritual moments – the ending, which portrays a return trajectory back to a transcendent root, presented in almost mystical terms (no… continue reading »

Episode 3: Cycling to the 2015 Paris Climate Conference

This podcast explores themes raised in Against Capitalist Education by Nadim Bakhshov published by Zero books. My guest this week is the singer-songwriter, poet and environmental campaigner Chas Warlow. We talk about cycling from London to Paris to raise awareness of environmental… continue reading »

The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, 2012

Whereas the first Sophie Fiennes film, ‘Pervert’s Guide To Cinema’, worked this one sadly does not. I am curious to look at why. The first film was fresh and lively, there were real moments of spontaneity and Zizek was enthusiastic… continue reading »

The Thing (2011)

In John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ MacReady (Kurt Russell) and one of the Doctors go to the cramped Norwegian Base – ostensibly the location of this prequel. When they leave the building they glance across the snow to discover what looks… continue reading »

Episode 2: Mozart, Buddhism & Satanism

This podcast explores themes raised in Against Capitalist Education by Nadim Bakhshov published by Zero books. In this conversation with Dr Atul Patel we begin by exploring Apocalypto and the so-called ‘God-shaped hole” (Blaise Pascal) in the human spirit – as… continue reading »

Highlight of first discussion with ‘Thinking Thomas’

In this conversation I introduce the background of the book – Shovian Thought – and we explore the concept of a context boundary, an interaction junction, that frames much of classical modern thought. For more see Thinking Thomas YouTube Channel

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