Episode 1: Science, Steiner & Economics

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This podcast explores themes raised in Against Capitalist Education by Nadim Bakhshov published by Zero books.

In this episode my guest is Dr Atul Patel. Dr Atul Patel has been a student of the spiritual sciences of Rudolf Steiner for over 30 years. In our conversation we explore a very subtle but quite difficult idea around the idea of method and knowledge in a spiritual science. Having come from a scientific background Dr Atul Patel discusses some of the weaknesses in modern scientific methodology. We briefly mention the citation ranking and how someone can rise up the ranks to Professorship without making any positive contribution to knowledge – effectively doing ‘negative research’. The conversation moves rapidly to the question of economics. Working in the financial services, Dr Atul Patel has developed interesting insights into how the economy could be ‘tweaked’ to serve people. He discusses an idea of quantitative easing and how generating and pumping money into the ‘real economy’ rather than the financial system itself could have huge benefits. I ask him why this is not happening: Is it a conspiracy of silence from a controlling elite or something simpler – the nature of the economy is more complex than most people acknowledge?

This is the first part of a two part conversation.

This is conversation worth listening to. ~ Peter Lato, CEO of Shovian Analytics

This podcast was built with kind support of Doug Lain and Zero books with music created by Nadim Bakhshov and readings given by Doug Lain and Chas Warlow. And thanks to Ashley Whitear for all his generous technical support.

February 7, 2016

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