Episode 2: Mozart, Buddhism & Satanism

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This podcast explores themes raised in Against Capitalist Education by Nadim Bakhshov published by Zero books.

In this conversation with Dr Atul Patel we begin by exploring Apocalypto and the so-called ‘God-shaped hole” (Blaise Pascal) in the human spirit – as if the root of our soul has been severed from its own source. We explore why there is so much resistance in exploring alternatives and sweep across a very brief history of the Theosophical Society – our focus is on this yearning within the human heart for a deeper, less fractured form of life. We also discuss Buddhism and the esoteric practices around restoring our relation to our own inwardness. We discuss Swedenborg’s notion of daemonic consciousness and link this to the attempted legitimisation of Satanism as a form of rational egotism and hedonism. And finally, we return to an image from the book – that the phenomenal world emerges out of a movement, a flow, which emanates from a root.

This is the second part of a two part conversation.

This is conversation worth listening to. ~ Peter Lato, CEO of Shovian Analytics

This podcast was built with kind support of Doug Lain and Zero books with music created by Nadim Bakhshov and readings given by Doug Lain and Chas Warlow. And thanks to Ashley Whitear for all his generous technical support.

February 21, 2016

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