p. 9

“John: You’re making imagination very political.

George: Politics wouldn’t exist without imagination.

John: But if we fail?

George: So what if we fail. If we don’t do it because we fear failure, nothing will change. We will stay in the same state, go round the same circles, forever repeating the same mistakes and watch as our current educational systems are crushed under the force of capitalism. Is that what we want? Do we not want to try? Do we not want a different power, a power to change, a power to transform this fragmented world into a future of peace? I for one think this is worth doing even if it is doomed from the outset. Because I want a global civilisation that brings peace to life on earth, that overcomes capitalism and re-enchants existence. Are you with me? One thing we both agree upon is the need for alternatives, not just one, but an education system that generates trillions of them – we need imagination and thought working together. We need to start this movement today.”
Against Capitalist Education, p.9

January 22, 2017

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