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Dutilleux, Metaboles, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

DUTILLEUX’S Métaboles – Francois Xavier Roth from Göteborgs Symfoniker on Vimeo. In the film ‘Brainstorm’ there are two profoundly spiritual moments – the ending, which portrays a return trajectory back to a transcendent root, presented in almost mystical terms (no… continue reading »

Episode 2: Mozart, Buddhism & Satanism

This podcast explores themes raised in Against Capitalist Education by Nadim Bakhshov published by Zero books. In this conversation with Dr Atul Patel we begin by exploring Apocalypto and the so-called ‘God-shaped hole” (Blaise Pascal) in the human spirit – as… continue reading »


Severance, Distortion or Pollution

Root Categories, Formal Embodiment