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Month: March 2020

Self-Enclosure & The Politics Of Disavowel

‘So, it seems we agree,’ said Freddy,’ the denial of one’s feelings, one’s natural disposition towards others and the world, something we share will all creatures, lies close to the root of our human condition. I’m not saying it’s all psychology. No, far from it. It’s a form of life, an economic form of life that has a lot to answer for as it creeps into the fabric of the psyche. And these pictures say how that happens, don’t they?’

Three Ways Of Seeing

On the left we have an image of a being which emerges out of the alif-structure. In the centre we have the body-structure and its relation to interactivity i.e breathing, eating, sex, excretion. On the right is the social field and the situatedness of existence.