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The Double Relation

Kurt I see that I am constantly emerging from my conditions, the flow of life, and yet I am wired to that context – the natural order.

Ibn Aflatun You mean ‘breathing’?

Kurt Yes. All bodily processes wire me into the fabric of the natural order and the Earth. I exist in a double-relation: both constantly emerging from the living context but also interacting with it.

Ibn Alfatun I think I know why this is important: too many people assume that the idea of an individual, the abstracted being, the ‘me’, makes sense as some kind of self-enclosed sac of activity, as an isolated meaning-generating monad.

Kurt It doesn’t.

Ibn Aflatun How can it? It’s a residue of older errors in our history of human experience and thought. Tradition is important, but to treat our traditions with uncritical reverence, is a mistake.