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Exhaustion & Extinction

I sat with Freddy and Ali late last night. We found ourselves discussing climate protests, the breakdown of democratic practices through the corrupting power of wealth and finance and, inevitably, the ordinary and everyday increase of mental health issues.

“Honestly,” said Freddy,” I just don’t get it. As a planetary species are we that stupid that we sever the source of our own life, pollute our oceans, poison our air supply, overheat the atmosphere and think nothing of it? Or do we know what we are doing and are trying to stop freaking out?”

“Feels like, ” commented Karl,” we’re sleepwalking off a cliff. Something is desperately going wrong. Our politics seems to be stuck in a loop of problems it creates. It seems lost and empty. Our education system has no inspiration. And, all the while I feel like the human species is lost in fantasies and daydreams.”

“Ironic”, I added,” Most people I know don’t even sleep well.”